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Subtitle Reader

Although Netflix offers audio description options for many films, they usually provide options only in the language of the film. If the audio description is not available in your desired language, you can use our subtitle reading feature. It is similar to iOS's VoiceOver and will read out the subtitles on the screen. Additionally, it supports our subtitle translation feature. With AI translation, you can almost use it to listen to subtitles in any language (e.g., watching "Demon Slayer" in Cantonese).

How to Use

  1. First, you need to select one set of subtitles. Note: Do not select two sets of subtitles, otherwise the reader will alternate between reading the two.
  2. Click Alt + W to enable the subtitle reader.
  3. The subtitle reader will then start reading the subtitles.


Alt + W - Enable or disable the subtitle reader


You can configure the voice, speed, and volume in the Settings Page. You can find the Settings button in the plugin's popup window and open the Settings Page to adjust these settings.

Voice Settings

The number of voices provided varies by browser, with Edge having the most extensive voice library. The voice option is set to auto by default, and the plugin will choose the correct voice based on the selected subtitle language. You can also choose the desired voice, but make sure the chosen language matches the subtitle language; otherwise, the voice will not synthesize correctly.

Speed Settings

The default speed is 2. Generally, we want the subtitles to be fully read before they disappear, so the speed is often set higher. Note that some languages may not synthesize correctly at too high a speed. If you encounter this issue, try setting the speed to 1 and gradually increase it.

Listening to Cantonese Subtitles

If you have enabled the subtitle reading feature, when using AI translation, the plugin will prioritize translating subtitles to your currently selected voice language. For example, if your voice is set to Cantonese, AI will translate the subtitles into Cantonese regardless of whether you choose Traditional or Simplified Chinese as the target language.

Give Us Feedback

We aim to make this feature more user-friendly. If you encounter any issues, please contact us at [email protected].