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Subtitle Editor

We've created a simple subtitle editor that allows you to edit subtitles online. Please note that this editor does not have a save function, so if needed, download the subtitles to avoid losing progress.

  1. In the pop-up window, 'unselect' image subtitles.


  1. In the player menu, locate the scissor icon and click it.


  1. Open the subtitle editor.


Features Overview

  1. Increment/Decrement time units - Adjusts the time units for both start and end times.
  2. Switch primary/secondary subtitles.
  3. (From left to right)
    • Decrease start time
    • Increase start time
    • Play the subtitle
    • Decrease end time
    • Increase end time
    • Restore subtitle settings
    • Copy subtitle
    • Remove subtitle
  4. Start time -> End time
  5. Subtitle content - Click to edit. After editing, press the Enter key to confirm.