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Machine Translation

Offering high-quality translated subtitles based on the corrected subtitles.


The translation subtitles provided by YouTube are based on its automatically generated subtitles, which often result in issues with sentence segmentation and translation coherence.


By rectifying the subtitles before translation, we can achieve improved translated subtitles.


How to Use

Start by selecting Generate Subtitles (ybs) in the subtitles menu, and then choose the translation subtitles from the translation menu.


Translation Service

Currently, our translation service is provided by our servers. The plugin only sends the video ID during requests; we do not receive any user-related data. Additionally, we do not store any network data, including the source location and IP, etc.

This feature is still in the testing phase, and the service may be unstable. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Currently, we only have one server handling requests, and it uses a queue system to process them.
Depending on the number of subtitles, processing for a 1-hour video takes approximately 20 seconds.
Due to limited resources, the server currently only processes videos within the last 2 hours.